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An accomplished communications professional and subject matter expert with a passion for helping people.

Kristan Getsy

About your G2L Host

Kristan began as a journalist—curious, questioning, searching for truth through television, radio, and print. With boots on the ground, she learned. As a broadcast television anchor and reporter, a published photojournalist, and a news director, she grew. With accolades from her peers and a love for the challenge, she quickly logged more than a decade in “the business.”
She wanted more—to do more—to serve more. As CEO of her own creative agency, she did. Kristan founded Life’s Eyes Media, an award-winning, multi-media production and consulting company. That’s a mouthful—and a heart full—of humility and gratitude for the success of her second decade in this fulfilling field.

She’s never met a stranger. As a wife, mother, public speaker, serial entrepreneur, publisher, and author—she’s currently working on a new book, “The Cussing Christian”—connection is essential. It’s essential as she’s growing two non-profit organizations. One benefits children with special needs, Seeds of Glory Farm. The other assists women in daunting socioeconomic environments, Cultivating Women. And, in her third professional decade, there’s no greater privilege.


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A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

- John Maxwell